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Creative Travel Bosa

This exceptional week in Sardinia offers you the best that the island has to offer including it’s exceptional stretches of white sand beaches, rich history of archaeological ruins spanning a period of 5,000 years, cultural adventures, breathtaking landscapes, along with it’s outstanding and varied regional foods and delicacies. Join us for a magical week in Sardinia meeting the local people and creating your own incredible experiences!

Accommodation and meals

During your stay in Sardinia you will be our guest in two small hotels, including one located in Alghero only minutes away from a gorgeous stretch of beach, and another tranquil location in the centre of the island. Both hotels value professional service and comfort, ensuring that you have an amazing experience.

Creative Travel OceanYour hotel in Alghero is located 100 m from the beach and 1 km from the centre of the ancient walled city of Alghero itself, providing you with many opportunities to have your own personal adventures. All rooms feature private bathrooms, balconies and telephones. The hotel itself has two swimming pools (one for children), a barbeque pit and outdoor wood-burning oven for traditional meal preparations, along with a beautiful poolside terrace for evening meals.

Your evening meals in Alghero will be prepared by local chefs using authentic and mouth watering regional recipes featuring assorted seafood and fish along with meat dishes. Our goal is to create a sensory rich environment that fosters a connection with the local traditions of the region. Lunches will be a combination of picnics on location, and meals at local trattoria.

Creative Travel BranchYour second hotel in Sardinia is actually a gorgeous villa, situated just above the small town of Bitti in the heart of Sardinia. The villa features only 15 rooms, which have been renovated and lovingly restored in Sardinian style. Each room features its own bathroom, telephone, and TV. The villa also has its own swimming pool, pizzeria and poolside bar.

One of the highlights of the villa is its outstanding restaurant where you will have the opportunity to savour many of the local specialties and gastronomic traditions including hand-made pastas, various wild herb soups and a large variety of roasted meats, seasoned with fragrant aromatic plants, along with the traditional Sardinian bread pane carasau.


During your stay in Sardinia each participant will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of memorable daily excursions or stay behind at the hotel or villa to do their own personal explorations.

Day 1 – Alghero

Small buses and sedans will transport guests from the airport in Alghero to the hotel, located only 10—15 minutes away. You will have the afternoon to get settled at the hotel and stroll either the nearby beach or the ancient town of Alghero before we meet as a group for dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 – Alghero, The Capo Caccia and Bosa

Your first full day in Sardinia includes personal time in Alghero followed by a stunning drive and visit to the immense cliffs of the Capo Caccia. It is Italy’s equivalent to the Irish Cliffs of Moher. After time spent in nature you will go on a short drive to the seaside town of Bosa where you will have an opportunity to explore its cobble stone streets and then take part in a wine tasting event which will feature the traditional Malvasia wine. Personal time for exploration or creative endeavours is important in each of our daily excursions.

Day 3 – Beach Day at Stintino

Creative Travel Stintino

One of the spectacular features of the island of Sardinia is its extraordinary coastline and white sand beaches. On your third day you will have a heavenly beach day on the shores of Stintino, swimming, snorkelling or walking the beaches and local beachscape. The day will be wonderfully relaxing and visually rich!

Day 4 – The Mural Towns of the Logodoro, the Valley of the Nuraghe, and Monteleone Rocca Doria

Creative Travel ValleyOn our fourth day we will depart from Alghero driving through the valley of the Nuraghe – ancient, megalithic stone structure created by the nuraghic people who lived over 3,000 years ago, en route to Monteleone. On the drive you will have the opportunity to visit both an ancient nuraghe, along with viewing some small towns that have been transformed by numerous murals depicting traditional Sardinian life.  From there we head to the small jewel of a town perched high on a mountain top – Monteleone Rocca Doria where you will have the opportunity to make your own Sardinian bread in a wood burning oven to enjoy with a spectacular terrace lunch. We end our fourth day at our villa in Bitti.

Day 5 – Nuoro and Optional Excursion to Nuraghe Mereu

On Day 5 participants will have the choice between going on an optional 4 x 4 adventure and walk to the Nuraghe Mereu or spend more time at the beach on the glorious coast of the Tyrranean Sea.

Day 6 – Grotto Ispinigoli and the Giants Tombs of Dorgali

Creative Travel IspinigoliOur final full day in Sardinia will be spent exploring the magnificent natural wonder of the Grotto of Ispinigoli. The grotto is famous for its spectacular stalagmites, (the largest in all of Europe and the second largest in the world) including a magnificent 38m high stalagmite column. The walls have a mixture of wonderful concretions and limestone cascades of great beauty. These caves show the presence of man in ancient times as early as the prenuragic period (over 5,000 years ago) when it is believed to have been used as a place of worship. After a wonderful lunch there will be time to explore the sacred site of the Giants Tomb in Dorgali, along with time to swim, relax and create at the villa.

Day 7 – Return to Alghero and Departure

Following breakfast in Bitti we will provide small bus transportation back to Alghero where participants can either spend some extra time in Sardinia, depart Sardinia for time spent on mainland Italy, or fly home.

What’s included

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